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Should Your Business Be Purchasing Portable Air Filters?

At Filtrex, we have always been advocates for the importance of indoor air quality. Helping businesses, organisations and healthcare providers protect their patients, staff, equipment, and products with the proper air filtration solutions forms the foundation of what we do.

The ongoing pandemic has driven many more businesses to evaluate air filtration solutions to reduce their risk of infection. Due to various factors, many of these businesses are looking towards compact and portable air filters as an ideal solution.

Portability and Adaptability

Whilst it might be tempting to source an ‘off the shelf’ solution, it is vital to ensure that any portable air filter can fulfil a business’s unique requirements. 

Each business is different in terms of workforce, environment and industry, not to mention available budgets and space. Here, professional advice can be the difference between a cost-effective solution and the frustration of time and money wasted.

Portability, for example, might not always mean compact, but even if it is, can it do what you require?

Simplicity Combined with Safety

Removing airborne particles and pathogens is the key goal for all portable air purifiers. But how safely can a portable air purifier achieve this?

Our range of AC 750, AC500 & AC300 compact air purifiers come with H14 grade Hepa filters and UVC decontamination as standard. Each of the models in the compact range is tested to EN1822 standards and efficient at 99.999% @0.1 microns.

The range is ideal for use in a wide variety of indoor environments with a clean air delivery rate of over 750m³ per hour. They also make the most of low-noise technology for unobtrusive, 24/7 protection, are easy to clean and maintain and can be moved safely, thanks to robust castor wheels. The units in this range provide hospital-grade air in a wide range of business environments.

There is also the option to combine some units with external connection kits to provide a fresh air supply.

Does your Business need Portable Air Filtration?

If you are asking the question ‘should my business purchase a portable air filter?’, then the answer has to be yes.

  • We know they create a safer environment for working, learning and a range of other activities.
  • We know they are effective against COVID-19.
  • We know that the right one can provide reliable protection and genuine portability.

There is, however, an important caveat here. 

As we can see, the benefits of portable air filters are clear, but seeking the guidance needed to make sure you purchase (and place trust in) the right one is just as important.

To make sure you get it right the first time, get in touch with Filtrex today; our help and advice could make all the difference.