Air Filtration During the Colder Months
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The Importance of Using Air Filtration During the Colder Months

The ongoing challenges to slow the spread of COVID-19 and better protect people from this and other airborne viruses and particulate matter are compounded during the colder winter months.

As we know, the importance of introducing fresh, clean air into indoor environments is one of the simplest, most effective measures we can take to ensure the air we breathe indoors is as clean and safe as possible.

However, this winter, this might be more easily said than done due to several important factors.

Spiralling energy prices

Many homes and businesses are facing significant rises in energy costs. At a time when we all use more energy to heat our homes, many are understandably reluctant to open windows and doors to let fresh air in whilst also, unfortunately, letting warmth out.

The rising costs of gas and electricity are making many of us think twice about letting fresh (and cold) air into our indoor spaces.

Conditions for working and learning

In our schools, colleges and workplaces, working with open windows in cold weather is challenging.

It creates a cold, uncomfortable environment, conducive neither to learning nor productivity. To be able to concentrate on working and learning and be productive, comfort is essential.

A big part of that in winter is feeling warm.

A solution without compromise

Thanks to the recent study undertaken by Addenbrookes Hospital and The University of Cambridge, we now know without any doubt that portable air filters effectively remove SARS-CoV-2 particles from the air.

This study, undertaken using The Filtrex Global air purifier cleaner AC1500, supplied by Filtrex, showed that not only hospitals but also schools, colleges and general office areas can enjoy a much safer, clean room environment and ultimate protection against potentially infected particulate matter and aerosols, with far less need to open windows and doors during winter, by using these verified HEPA filters.

The study’s findings, published widely across the world and reported by the BBC, finally offer definitive real-world proof that the relatively inexpensive solution of a portable air filter, such as the AC1500, removes a wide range of pathogens from indoor environments effectively.

As additional bonuses, of course, during winter, that means a warmer, more comfortable (and productive) environment for learners, patients and office teams, as well as the ability to avoid wasting energy, the cost of which is expected to rise by almost a third as we enter the New Year.

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