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Air Filtration in Classrooms: Why is it beneficial?

Air filtration in any indoor space guards against a wide range of potential issues. From manufacturing and busy factory floors to offices and public buildings, each requires a solution tailored to its own individual requirements.
Where do our young people fit into that? Air filtration in schools, colleges and universities is beneficial for several unique reasons.

Here are some of them:

A carefully managed learning environment

Classrooms have to be productive environments; to achieve that, they must first be safe and comfortable spaces.
Learning requires active listening, reading and focus at every level of education. If the environment is not conducive to those things, then both learners and teachers can find it next to impossible to deliver carefully planned lessons or retain learning.
Wide-open windows, wearing coats inside in colder weather, and distracting background noise can all pose massive barriers to learning and teaching in a complex, finely balanced environment.

Overcoming key problems

Air filtration options can offer high volume filtration or quiet performance. However, larger spaces, higher student numbers, and the essential need for concentration mean that, all too often, a classroom and the children inside need both.

A focus on health and wellbeing

A classroom is a unique setting. Young people are particularly susceptible to airborne pollutants, with asthma regularly noted as a leading cause of absenteeism across both primary and secondary sectors. Studies also show what many already suspected; that poor air quality in schools has a direct impact on the ability to learn. Learner performance, attention spans, stamina and concentration levels are all improved notably when students at every stage of their education journeys have access to clean, fresh air.

The solution…

The simplest solution to all of the above is the introduction of air filtration to the learning environment, providing a way of tackling the complex combination of indoor and outdoor contaminants to which classrooms are prone. Filtrex has been supporting schools, colleges and universities to do exactly that for over 60 years. We can work closely with Governing Boards and Estate Managers to deliver the optimal, bespoke solution for any school air filtration needs.

Our wide range of certified, high-quality air filters and diligent systems inspections ensure the highest possible IAQ levels in education environments. With site-specific design, supply and installation, along with the right advice when you need it, we can ensure your classroom and those working within it enjoy better air quality for a more productive environment. Please get in touch today to find out more.

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