We offer a range of products to help combat the spread of infection

Our range of ventilation filters caters for every application, from super-strength, innovative filters to cost-effective options suitable for low-grade usage

Our cutting-edge arrestor HEPA filters are designed to deliver ultra-clean air in scenarios where contamination could be hugely damaging and costly

With our range of carbon filters, we have the ideal solution for eliminating odours and fumes for a more comfortable environment

For safer, more efficient fluid filtration, we have a variety of fluid filters and housing options to suit your application

For cleaner, healthier air, free-from dust and debris, Filtrex supplies a wide range of cartridge filters and single and multi-pocket dust bags

Make monitoring, controlling and maintaining your filtration processes straightforward and hassle-free with our collection of associated filtration products

With a range of cleaning and disinfectant products and services, Filtrex can look after the air quality across every application

The high-performance air filters that reduces the spread of air-born viruses and infection to an absolute minimum

A range of filtered extraction booths are specifically designed to offer control and containment of dust and airborne contaminants over large areas of emissions


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