Air Hygiene Products

Combat the spread of infection with our range of products and services that ensure cleaner, more hygienic air.

Cleaning and maintenance of filtration systems and their surrounding environment are critical to keeping the air quality safe for all who share it. Utilising our high-performing cleaners, integrity testing, and cleaning and disinfectant products and services will ensure your air quality is at its highest and fully compliant with industry standards.
Our Products

FILBAC Disinfectant & Wipes

Our FILBAC disinfectant and Dreumex wipes offer high performance against bacteria, yeast and enveloped viruses (BVDV). Suitable for use on hard, non-porous surfaces, they are the ideal for use in a wide range of shared environments where the sanitation of touch surfaces is vital.

Our Products

AHU Cleaning & Disinfecting Products

Keeping climate installations clean and clear of pollution is vital to the maintaining of an efficient and contaminant-free system. Filtrex supplies the full range of products to assist with regular cleaning, preventing contamination, corrosion and increased energy consumption.

Control bacteria and other biological growth in HVAC systems and other applications with Filtrex’s biocide treatment tablets; suitable for use in condensate drains and trays and humidifiers.

Our Products

Maxi Screen

Stay safe and maintain social distancing compliance in the workplace with the Filtrex maxi-screen. Suitable for use in food production, factories or any environment with multiple workers, the screens are easy to assessable and offer safe segregation.


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