Audit Compliance in the Food Industry
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Understanding Audit Compliance in the Food Industry

The UK food industry is amongst the most comprehensively audited sectors anywhere in UK manufacturing. Those auditors can be partners and customers, local authorities, the British Retail Consortium, or internal audits carried out by an organisation’s own auditing team.

The purpose of such audits is simple; to ensure a safe working environment and the highest food production standards at every stage of the production chain.

If the purpose of auditing is relatively simple, though, the path to compliance can often seem quite the opposite. Methods of best practice are updated, businesses themselves can evolve, and documentation and records must be kept up to date and available at all times.

With audit compliance standards regularly reviewed, now, more than ever, from a legislation point of view, exceptional air hygiene is a significant indicator of good practice and a big factor in safer work environments and food production.

Exceptional air filtration for the Food and Beverage industry

At Filtrex, our range of filters is fully compliant with current BRC standards across high, medium and low care environments. We can also carry out risk assessments and deliver the help and support our customers need to meet legislation and exceed filtration benchmarks.

Those filtration benchmarks are put in place to protect the health of those working in food production environments. However, they also play a pivotal role in reducing odours and, more recently, can provide levels of due diligence around virus control that, pre-COVID-19, was only seen in the healthcare sector.

Surveying, testing and reporting

High-quality, compliant air hygiene relies heavily on fully functional filtration systems. Air testing, in-depth surveying and comprehensive reporting of these systems are vital in helping to achieve compliance, as well as supporting sites to drive down energy costs. With Filtrex’s highly skilled engineers, you can be assured that these processes are meticulously carried out to industry-recognised standards.

State of the art solutions

Monitoring schedules, planning maintenance and recording cleaning and filter changes are also important aspects of compliance. The food industry now has the unprecedented power to monitor all these things and more off-site using cloud-based technology.

Filtrex is leading the way with our innovative LOGIC packages, empowering manufacturers to save time and resources with a range of fully auditable, complete packages to suit every type of food production operation.

Filtrex systems enjoy a robust reputation across the food industry, with our name synonymous with due diligence and good practice.

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