Is work making you ill?

Is work making you ill?

Do you work in an office or building and feel ill while you are at work but as soon as you leave the building the symptoms elevate or disappear?

If this is the case you could have a sick building!

Sick building syndrome (SBS) is usually caused by poor ventilation, biological contamination, bacteria molds, pollen and viruses that can contribute towards workers experiencing symptoms such as headaches, coughing, eye irritation, poor concentration, fatigue, allergic reaction.

SBS is not always obvious and symptoms can occur on their own or as a combination that varies on a day to day basis linked to spending time in a building. Office workers whose work involves using display screen equipment or do not have access to fresh air with use of mechanical ventilation on air conditioning are at most risk.

Noticing employees taking more sick leave or performing badly could be signs of SBS and it is worth reviewing what procedures can be put in place to extinguish SBS. A review of the building and cleaning procedures should take place and attention to the duct work should be taken into consideration as this is the ideal environment for contamination, dust and debris build up to occur.

Improving indoor air quality will increase productivity of workers and reduce energy costs as the blocked ducts affect the efficiency of the fan as they have to work harder.

Filtrex Global Ltd offer a ductwork cleaning and disinfecting service, offering in-depth assessment with an accurate report on the condition of the ductwork. The area is then cleaned to remove germs, dirt and debris to TR19 standards. A disinfecting of the area that has just been cleaned is offered to kill the germs reducing risk of infection spreading and destroying any bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungus, remaining active for weeks after.

To discuss your indoor air quality requirements and find out further information about our ductwork cleaning and disinfecting service please contact us on 01279 457 591 or email

Once the service is complete Filtrex will give you a certificate that you can SHOUT about to your staff to show them how you are caring for their welfare and watch staff morale improve.

Filtrex supports National Clean Air Day

Filtrex supports National Clean Air Day

The UK has been highlighted as one of the countries who have continuously overstepped the legal levels of nitrogen dioxide created by pollution, generated from factories and vehicles.

Prior to the general election last Thursday 8 June, the government were urged to publish its draft plan to reduce nitrogen dioxide levels in the UK following hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of fines for not complying with EU air pollution limits.

The government are finalising the consultation to reduce nitrogen dioxide in our towns and cities today, which coincidently co-insides with Global Action Plan (an environmental change charity), National Clean Air Day that is dedicated to act on air pollution and is supported by over 50 health institutions, councils and universities including Royal College of Physicians, British Lung Foundation and various NHS trusts.

Pollution is often something that is considered as only outside, however what is outside certain invites itself in as demonstrated in an article we wrote earlier in the year on indoor air quality – Out of Site, Out of Mind.  With us spending 90% of time indoors, the importance of ensuring air is filtered to the correct standards is essential.  This will remove not only the particulate in the air but the gases including nitrogen dioxide.

Filtrex aim to help improve the working environment and protect the natural environment, therefore to help raise awareness and support National Clean Air Day today by offering the chance to win an air purifier (Air purifiers assist in removing odours, chemicals, airbourne dust and allergic particles – all of which can be enhanced by pollution), ideal for office use.

So on placing an order or sending us an enquiry that totals £500 or over, from today until Friday 14th July 2017, quote National Clean Air Day and you will be entered into the prize draw.

Terms & conditions apply.  Available on orders or enquiries totaling £500 or over.  Promotion running from 15th June 2017 until Friday 14th July 2017.  Must quote National Clean Air Day on order to be entered into prize draw.

To discuss your requirements with the team or to place an order please contact us on: 01279 457590 or


25% of all our car journeys in the UK are under two miles.  If all car journeys were walked instead it would save £15m in fuel and the population would burn an additional 3.6 calories.  If driving is essential, remembering to switch off the engine when stopped has been shown to cut peaks in pollution.

Allergy or air pollution

Allergy or air pollution

To give the trees their due, they do an excellent job at pollination, along with their bee helpers of course! However high pollen levels mixed with air pollutants is a key factor in the rise of allergic diseases such as allergic rhinitis and other health problems like asthma.

Pollution, particularly from gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide typically from car exhaust fumes, attaches itself to pollen making it airborne, changes then occur on the pollen.

Therefore, the increase in allergic disease is accelerated as the body’s immune system attempts to fight the pollutants entering the body by producing antibodies called IgE (Immunoglobulin E), these travel to cells and cause an allergic reaction or symptoms that are characteristic of allergy. Symptoms include itchy eyes, nose, throat, ears, sneezing, irritability, coughs and congestion.

To ensure an effective pollen removal from your building, a well-maintained filtration system, with correctly fitted filters is essential, utilising a pre-and secondary filter arrangement.

A high quality G4 or M5 filter, such as a panel from the Filtrex Smartpleat range or a high-loft synthetic bag at M5, would provide efficient pre-filtration. For a secondary filter, an F7 grade filter from the V-Flow range would deliver excellent, energy efficient, protection from the finer particles.

To really revolutionise your system, please ask about the Proguard Duo, providing pre-and secondary filtration in one filter giving extra life and energy savings, as well as efficiencies in engineer’s time and disposal costs.

For further information on our recommended products please contact us on 01279 457590 or

Assistance in the salvage of clean air with Herts Essex Recycling

Assistance in the salvage of clean air with Herts Essex Recycling

Filtrex Global are pleased to confirm its on-going association with Herts Essex Recycling, a professional recycling management company that is committed to 100% recycling for waste disposal requirements.

Filtrex Global provides products and systems that are energy efficient, and ensure that installations are adequately maintained to prevent environmental issues.

HVAC systems with clogged filters decrease air flow, causing the systems to work harder, which in turn increases energy consumption.  The same goes for the condition of ducting; if ducts along with coils and filters are dirty or in a bad condition, it not only promotes poor air quality through nasty pollutants but also puts extra strain on the fan.  Therefore, regularly replacing filters and maintaining  clean air duct systems assists in reducing our carbon footprint.

Filtrex Global offer a filter supply and fit called Logic 50.  The Logic 50 package provides scheduled filter replacement and disposal of used filters.  On receiving the used filters from us, Herts Essex Recycling dispose of the filters by first extracting any metal.  The rest is then shredded and used for Refuse Derived fuels.

Our association with Herts Essex Recycling contributes towards our efforts to create a positive effect on the environment.

Logic 50 can also include regular cleaning and maintenance, including the option for ductwork cleaning.

If you would like any further information on the services we offer, please contact the team on: 01279 457590 or email

Have a Heart this March

Have a Heart this March

Something close to our heart at Filtrex is providing clean air that in turn promotes good health.

Recent news on pollution levels in areas like London have been deemed as particularly unhealthy with an increasing risk of stroke or heart attack.

Filtrex offers solutions to ensure a high standard of indoor air quality, as pollution is something that surrounds us even when we are inside.  

Therefore, to assist in our mission of providing clean air and healthy hearts, Filtrex are giving up something they love with all their ♥ through March – CHOCOLATE! 

Our De-chox is to raise money for The British Heart Foundation who help save lives.

As little as £3 (the price of a large chocolate bar), could pay for three disposable flasks that are used daily by the BHF’s scientists in their pioneering research. £10 (the cost of a fancy cake) could pay for a story pack to help a child grieve for the loss of a loved one.

You can donate to my DECHOX via my JustGivingpage:

Giving through JustGiving is quick, easy and secure; you can also Gift Aid your donation at the click of a button making it worth 25% more.

Thanks a million chocolate buttons.

Out of sight, out of mind

Out of sight, out of mind

Every day we breathe!

Every day we use vital organs like our brain, heart and lungs without thinking about it or hardly being aware we are doing it.

This is the same with air – we do not see it, feel it or think about yet we use it every day. And by not thinking, touching or feeling it we often forget the mask of pollution it entertains which we are also unwillingly, unknowingly inhaling.

We may have moved on from the dark Dickens-esque streets of London with its host of Victorian ‘smog,’ but recent reports of high air pressure, winds and fog have all assisted with ‘isolated pockets’ of very high pollution (Date, 2017)*, with the biggest pollutant being Nitrogen Dioxide often emitted via transportation and heating.

Poor air quality has a significant impact on our health with young children and elderly being most susceptible. Research has also highlighted pollution as increasing the risk of a stroke or heart attack and a recent study has found a possible link to Alzheimer’s.

We often consider pollution as something that is outside, however what is outdoors certainly invites itself in. And with us spending 90% of our time indoors the importance of ensuring incoming air is filtered to the correct standards is essential. This will remove not only the particulate in the air but the gases, which include Nitrous Dioxide.

The importance of sufficient filtration is highlighted in a recent UK Government study that suggests – reducing air pollutant particles is more beneficial to life expectancy over car accidents and a reduction in passive smoking.

Other elements of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) that can affect our health include poor ventilation, biological contamination, bacteria moulds, pollen and viruses. These can cause symptoms like headaches, coughing, eye irritation, poor concentration, fatigue or an allergic reaction which can be a result of what is known as Sick Building Syndrome.

Ensuring you have a high level of filtration within the building assists in reducing health issues. Filtrex Global can provide you with a complete filtration solution to ensure you have a high IAQ to help protect employees, co-workers and other building users from the dangers of poor air quality.

The V-Flow series from Filtrex could provide you with all the protection you need. The V-Flow XL F9 would give you energy efficient removal of fine particulate, whilst the V-Flow carbon would provide the molecular filtration for gases and odours.

Filtrex also offers air quality surveys to assess issues within a building and servicing ductwork and air handling units through cleaning and disinfecting.

The team at Filtrex would be glad to discuss your requirements and provide you with the best solution for your application. Please get in touch further on 01279 457590 | email

As part of our corporate responsibility to ensure that we are working towards providing clean air and health we are supporting the British Heart Foundation through March with a De-Chox, if you would like to support our efforts please make a kind donation to:

*Will Date, 24.1.2017, Government issues health warning over pollution levels,

More to Shelf Life Than Meets the Eye

More to Shelf Life Than Meets the Eye

Food waste is a key topic for many food manufacturers and retailers, with the UK being one of the biggest offenders for unnecessary food waste. Shelf life being a critical consideration for the food processing industry.

The industry has implemented many techniques including food preservation with use of salt, heat, freezing, vacuum packed food items as well as food waste projects including redistribution, surplus food used for animal feeding, reduced costs to ‘sell by’ or ‘best before’ date foods in supermarkets, stores working with charities and food banks to distribute food, introducing ‘wonky’ fruit and vegetables as a fun way to offer unusual or knobbly food products that in the past were wasted. Some supermarkets have even opted to remove the ‘sell by’ or ‘best before’ dates so that consumers can determine themselves when food needs to be thrown away.

food storageAlthough there is more to shelf life than meets the eye, as Filtrex Global Limited a leader in filtration and air hygiene management explains; poor ventilation and filtration standards allow the build-up of yeasts and mould which can cause premature deterioration of the product. This in turn can have massive waste issues for the manufacturer and the resale and end users. It is of major concern to the manufacturer and external auditors that the filtration systems are well maintained and effective.

With microorganisms floating about in the air made up of yeasts, bacteria and moulds which on exposure to food products accelerates the deterioration of the product. Ventilation and filtration act on diminishing microorganisms by reducing the amount of moisture in the air, removing particles containing bacteria and other components by sterilising, collecting and retaining them. It is also important that ventilation and filtration equipment is maintained as the damp, moist or humid ventilation system can act as a breeding ground for mould.

Filtrex Global Limited offer a free initial survey and evaluation of the filter and ventilation system to check the filtration standards (filter and filter sealing mechanisms), air change rates and all critical- positive pressure regime in areas that High-Risk food is being processed in. Often simple improvements and upgrades to the system can have a great effect on the product depreciation and reduce waste costs to the manufacturer.

Anthony Fox, Filtrex Account Manager says, ‘We work closely with our customers to ensure that ‎the optimum factory conditions are maintained from the Filtration and Air Handling Systems.’

For further information visit or for your free initial survey please contact Filtrex Global Limited on 01279 457 590 or email