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UVGI: How Can It Improve IAQ in Healthcare Facilities?

Few indoor spaces are as sensitive to hygiene levels as the healthcare environment. The unique challenge posed, however, is that these environments are also some of the most fertile when it comes to airborne pa...

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Should you Filter your Air Conditioners?

While many of us simply think of air conditioning as a means to provide cold air and comfort to our indoor environments, it also offers something much more important – filtering dust, airborne viruses, po...

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Hay Fever: Does Air Purification Solve The Problem?

Hay fever, also known as Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis, is an allergy that makes life uncomfortable and, on occasions, unbearable for one in four people in the UK. That’s a staggering 16 million of us! Sympt...

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Springtime: What does this mean for IAQ?

Many of us associate the colder months with indoor heating, closed windows and doors, and the resulting falls in indoor air quality. Springtime changes a lot of the contributing factors for that, better weather...

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Should Your Business Be Purchasing Portable Air Filters?

At Filtrex, we have always been advocates for the importance of indoor air quality. Helping businesses, organisations and healthcare providers protect their patients, staff, equipment, and products with the pro...

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The Importance of Using Air Filtration During the Colder Months

The ongoing challenges to slow the spread of COVID-19 and better protect people from this and other airborne viruses and particulate matter are compounded during the colder winter months.  As we know, the impor...

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Filtrex 2021 – A note from our Director, Peter Fox.

As 2021 comes to a close, the team at Filtrex can look back at a challenging but successful year! We have seen good growth this year and are looking to continue this into 2022.  We have had a number of new team...