air filtration for the

Automotive Industry

Reduce aerosols to improve operating cost-efficiency

Creating an environment free of aerosols larger than 5 microns enables improved product quality while delivering significant savings in operating costs. With long-standing partnerships with car manufacturers, Filtrex has developed filtration systems tailored for its clients to gain the competitive edge in the industry.

The manufacturing process of any vehicle requires high-level air filtration systems to combat the heavy build-up of dust and harmful contaminants. In an environment working with metal, leather, plastic or wood, as well as paint-spraying processes, the risk of explosive dust, corrosive reactions and toxicity is increased, posing a threat to operational processes and the health of those working in this environment. Filtrex partners with automotive manufacturers to determine robust, high-performing, yet cost-effective solutions for your installations and air quality maintenance.
Filtrex’s air filtration systems keep you ahead of the market with:
  • Site-specific design, supply and installation of filtration products with low line losses and increased service life
  • Filtration solutions that ensure the absence of aerosols greater than 5 microns
  • LEV and extraction filtration service and certification
  • Site-wide risk assessment and benchmarking of filtration required for each area
  • Logic Audit Compliance portal – all your site filter and air hygiene information in one app
  • Specialist deep cleans and duct cleaning, on and offsite, to keep a safe environment for employees and to keep systems fully operational
  • Minor works – upgrades and systems

Six good reasons to place your filtration needs in our hands

  • cutting_edge-benefits-filtrex2
    Improved environment for surface treatment, leading to better product quality
  • cost-effective-filtrex2
    Reduction in operating costs
  • healthy-safety-filtrex2

    Cleaner, healthier and safer working environment for employees

  • comply-benefits-filtrex2

    Full compliance with safety regulations

  • co1-emissions-filtrex2

    Lowered carbon emissions with energy-efficient filtration solutions

  • team-benefit-filtrex2

    Reinforce your engineering team and site efficiencies

Our Products

Filtration products for the automotive industry

Metal Framed Pleated Panel
M5 Filter Media
Proguard Bag Filter
V-Flow Type GT
High Capacity HEPA
An example of a Arrestor HC HEPA Filter product
Minipleat HEPA Filter

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