carbon filter housingFiltrex Actisorb activated carbon filter systems are designed to suit many different applications.

  • At food factories, the strong smells emitted during the cooking and processing of ingredients may require filtering before the air is discharged into the atmosphere to prevent odours from causing distress to the surrounding neighbours.
  • Vent pipes from storage silos and effluent tanks often require filtering to remove pungent fumes and vapours.
  • In public buildings such as museums and libraries, incoming air needs purifying removing gases that would have a deteriorating effect on priceless manuscripts and artefacts.
  • Airports and buildings in city areas such as office, hospitals and hotels, need effective filtering of air pollutants to ensure an enhanced Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) level for the occupants.

With a wide range of filter options, Filtrex can provide the solution, whatever your molecular filtration requirement may be. To arrange a visit with one of our engineers so we can access your needs, please click on the button below.