Air filtration for
commercial & public buildings

Helping to keep society healthy, safe and comfortable

With more time spent indoors, sharing our environment with multiple groups of people, air hygiene has become increasingly important. Filtrex maintains a high IAQ level in public and commercial buildings, using a wide range of certified, high-quality air filters and regular system inspections.

From working office environments, government and public buildings, and universities to the broad range of indoor leisure pursuits, including shopping centres, hotels, restaurants and cultural venues, our activities within them impact air quality. As large numbers of people move around indoor areas, interacting, exercising or completing daily operations, odours, dust and particles contaminate the environment. Eliminating these particles with effective filtration systems creates a healthier, safer and more comfortable indoor space, improving workforce productivity, customer enjoyment and product preservation.
Having six decades of years’ experience supplying filtration products, Filtrex can improve your air quality with:
  • Innovative, high-quality ventilation filters designed to meet industry-specific standards
  • Site-specific design, supply and installation service
  • System decontamination and specialist ductwork cleaning
  • Ongoing plant maintenance, including routine assessments and upgrade advice
  • A comprehensive range of air testing reports ensuring optimum filtration performance
  • LEV and extraction filtration service and certification
  • Logic Audit Compliance portal – all your site filter and air hygiene information in one app
  • The option of mobile filter management and hygiene solutions
  • Odour abatement – design and install of systems and management

Six good reasons to place your filtration needs in our hands

  • air-benefits-filtrex2
    Improve employee productivity and customer comfort with better air quality
  • comply-benefits-filtrex2
    Compliance with industry safety standards
  • peace-benefits-filtrex2

    Reassurance of being audit-ready every day

  • bacterial-benefits-filtrex2

    Eliminate odours, emissions, dust and mould

  • shelf-benefits-filtrex2

    Avoid downtime with regular monitored and maintained units

  • team-benefit-filtrex2

    Reinforce your engineering team and site efficiencies


Need advice in choosing the right filtration product?