Control Equipment

Providing our clients with an easy and convenient one-stop-shop for all their filtration needs

Filtrex offers the full suite of filtration products for every aspect of our clients’ needs, making filtration a straightforward and hassle-free process. Our range of associated products has been carefully designed to complement our range of filters. Examples of our filter-associated products are given below. However, please contact our team to discuss our full range of options available.
Our Products

Control Equipment & Gauges

Everything needed for your filtration monitoring and control, including:

  • Differential pressure gauges for filter monitoring
  • Manometers and pressure switches
  • Pitot tubes for airflow monitoring
  • Mounting kits
  • Brackets
  • Sensors
  • Remote displays
Our Products

Drive Belts

Choose from our comprehensive range of wedge and v-belts, and pulleys for your transmission demands, with a complete range of sections to meet any requirement.

For fast and efficient AHU servicing and maintenance, we supply a complete filter and drive belt package.


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