Ductwork Cleaning Services

Specialist cleaning services for better air hygiene

Using correct and invasive cleaning systems will not only remove dust and debris but also prevent microbiological growth and the spread of harmful bacteria, keeping your working environment safe, healthy and comfortable.

With our specialist ductwork cleaning equipment, including DuctASP, DuctBOSS and DuctEYE, the benefits include:
  • Reaching inaccessible areas, such as extraction or supply lines
  • Verifying long ductwork lengths, using remote video cameras
  • Reducing fire risk from dust, grease and debris build-up
  • Avoiding business disruption with no need for scaffolding or difficult access arrangements
  • Receiving accurate ductwork condition reports using CCTV, photographic surveys and sample testing

AHU Cleaning and Disinfectant Fogging

Defend against airborne viruses and pathogens by regularly cleaning and disinfecting your HVAC systems. Our AHU and ductwork disinfectant fogging destroys all known viruses and 99% of bacteria and fungi and, with a unique, wideband disinfectant, is non-corrosive on metals and plastics.


  • Surveys & cleans all ductwork at once
  • Ideal for process ductwork, where high volumes of hot, dusty air pose a higher fire risk
  • Uses jet blasting and negative suction of compressed air to access hard-to-reach air handling or LEV ductwork
  • Certificate with before and after images, following successful completion of the system clean

Filtrex Rotary Brush

  • Economic survey & clean, requiring only one person
  • Ideal for grease systems using a dense foam cleaning process
  • Complete clean and degreasing of kitchen extract systems
  • Fire damper inspections.
  • Video-verification with before and after images


  • Assess internal ductwork from different viewpoints
  • Offers 40m range from an access point
  • Supports verification of ductwork cleaning programmes


  • Detects precise levels of functionality in ductwork and LEV aspirations systems
  • Monitors dust build-up that leads to drops in extraction levels
  • Assists in keeping ductwork safe and clean

Discuss your cleaning requirements with our experienced engineers