Dust Control Filters

Achieve cleaner, healthier air for a more comfortable working environment and improved product quality

Our complete range of dust control filters provide benefits across many applications. Removing dust and debris from the atmosphere, and creating a more comfortable breathing environment leads to healthier, happier and more productive employees, as well as improved quality of your finished products. Filtrex supplies a wide range of cartridge filters, and single and multi-pocket dust bags in a selection of materials to suit your specific requirements, and comply with industry-specific safety regulations.
Our Products

Dust Control Bag Filters

Filtrex has a wide range of single and multi-pocket dust bag filters, produced to tackle dust levels effectively in your environment.

With a variety of media types, our filter bags are suitable for all varieties of dust control units and pneumatic transfer systems, across all applications, including a food-safe, certified option.
A collection of dust control filter products
Our Products

Dust Control Cartridge Filters

Filtrex supplies dust control cartridge filters and pleated bag elements to suit most dust control units and pneumatic transfer systems.

Our selection of specialist media types includes oleophobic, anti-static and PTFE options, each effectively eliminating dust from your environment for cleaner, healthier working processes.

A collection of dust control cartridge products

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