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No matter what energy source is used for power generation, reliable, effective air filtration systems are fundamental for maintaining high performance and ensuring optimum safety. Energy production comes with high risk. From the extreme temperatures of diesel or gas combustion to the extensive safety concerns surrounding nuclear power generation, installing high-performing air filters ensures the protection of your plant and its employees, and helps to keep your company functioning efficiently.

Filtrex offers a comprehensive range of filtration products, specifically designed for the energy and power industry. With safety as our top priority, we develop, supply, install and maintain solutions that provide your employees with a healthy environment to work in, while protecting your valuable equipment. In a highly regulated industry, we provide risk assessments, monitoring and reporting to ensure full compliance with industry standards. By regularly reviewing operational efficiency and energy consumption, our air filtration systems give your business the competitive edge, while also helping you in doing your bit to take care of the environment.
Filtrex keeps your airflow systems safe and efficient with:
  • A wide range of robust, high-performing air filtration products that protect engines and power generating systems from contaminants produced in extreme conditions
  • Bespoke configuration, supply and installation of filtration products that satisfy the unique requirements of your operating environment and comply fully with industry regulations
  • Cost-effective solutions that reduce your filtration budget and offer a competitiveness edge
  • Site-wide risk assessment and benchmarking of filtration required for each area
  • Logic Audit Compliance portal – all your site filter and air hygiene information in one app
  • Specialist deep cleans and duct cleaning, on and offsite, to keep a safe environment for employees and to keep systems fully operational
  • LEV and extraction filtration service and certification
  • Minor works – upgrades and systems

Six good reasons to place your filtration needs in our hands

  • confidence-filtrex2
    Confidence in the quality of your airflow to maintain safety in your operating systems
  • comply-benefits-filtrex2
    Full compliance with strict, industry-specific safety regulations
  • air-benefits-filtrex2

    Cleaner air quality for a healthier working environment

  • efficiency-benefits-filtrex2

    Maximum filtration efficiency for better profitability

  • co1-emissions-filtrex2

    Protecting the environment with lowered CO2 emissions

  • team-benefit-filtrex2

    Reinforce your engineering team and site efficiencies

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