Smartpleat Energy

The Smartpleat Energy Panel has a strong water resistant board frame with wire mesh supported pleats.  With 15 pleats per foot, the extra media surface area provides increased life and reduced energy consumption.  With increased media area, dual depth media and strong construction, Smartpleat filters raise the bar in energy efficiency and dirt holding capacity.  The overall cost of filter replacement and usage is lower due to reduced labour and disposal costs and most significantly, a reduction in energy consumption.

Proguard Duo Bag Filter

The bag filter has a unique, dual layer media design.  This provides a pre-layer of G4 high-loft filter material with a fiberglass secondary layer available in grades F7, F8 or F9.  Coupled with a strong galvanized header frame and pockets secured in individual hoops with spacer stitching, this Proguard filter provides a bag second to none for dust holding.  In some systems, it can also remove the need for pre-filters.