Filtered Extraction Booths

Filtered extraction booths are specifically designed to offer control and containment of dust and airborne contaminants over large areas of emissions. The benefits of a ductless booth include the ability to locate the booth in most internal locations without the need to duct the air to outside. The dust and contaminants are contained in the filters, and the clean air is returned to the room.

Workers who are subjected to occupational dusty environments are at risk from serious harm to the respiratory system and general health, and Filtrex extraction booths are essential in providing adequate protection during processes which involve handling of hazardous materials. In addition to worker protection, filtered extraction booths also reduce the risk of explosion by extracting the contaminates from the working area.

Our Products

FX Downdraught Bench

Designed for high volume dust extraction applications; complete with integral filter system with air-powered filter cleaning. Typically for manual processes but can be integrated with other systems.

  • Integrated workbench with dust extraction system.
  • Pulse-cleaned filter system for high dust volumes
  • 3 standard sizes
  • Various ltration options
Our Products

FX Reverse Pulse Extraction System

Designed for larger parts that cannot be readily handled on an FX reverse pulse extraction system. Filtrex can be configured for dust or fume applications.

  • Modular system
  • Cross-draught extraction
  • Pulse Clean Filters
  • HEPA option
Our Products

HEPA Filtered Extraction Booth

Our modular extraction system forms the basis for a complete extraction booth. Combine multiple VertEx VA or FX units with
our modular booth panelling system to create a quickly installed, easy to assemble, low energy use, dust and fume extraction booth. Booths use ultra low power fans for highly efficient dust capture.

  • Modular cross-draught booth system
  • Heavy Duty 2mm steel
  • Includes lighting
  • Fully welded and powder coated
  • Use any VA or VP base units to provide extraction and filtration
  • High efficiency fans
  • Optional control panels for multiple units
  • Booth construction allows almost any size or depth

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