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The importance of Indoor Air Quality in Schools
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Addressing the Importance of Air Quality in our Schools

As pupils and staff return to schools, colleges and universities, the spotlight has been placed on air quality. With parents, school staff and unions all recognising the need for improved ventilation as a vital...

Audit Compliance in the Food Industry
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Understanding Audit Compliance in the Food Industry

The UK food industry is amongst the most comprehensively audited sectors anywhere in UK manufacturing. Those auditors can be partners and customers, local authorities, the British Retail Consortium, or internal...

Food production line staff
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The Unexpected Driving Force behind UK Manufacturing

Few industries are as broad and diverse as manufacturing, and today the UK remains one of the most prolific manufacturers in the world. Simply put, as a nation, we make things, and we make them well. That inclu...

Group of friends paying contactless with mobile phone to a waiter in a cafe. Focus is on waiter.
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The Importance of Clean Air in the Food & Beverage Industry

As the hospitality industry enjoys welcoming its customers back to food and beverage establishments across the UK, there is a heightened awareness of hygiene and cleanliness. Alongside the rigorous cleaning reg...

Healthcare workers are clapping at a recovered patient.
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How Efficient Air Filtration Delivers Benefits to Healthcare Settings

The critical role of clean air in reducing the transmission of viruses, such as Covid-19, has become increasingly apparent as scientists have learnt more about airborne transmission. In healthcare settings, exc...

Business owner opening the door at a cafe wearing a facemask to avoid the spread of coronavirus – reopening after COVID-19 concepts
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Why Quality Air Filtration is a Crucial Factor in Reducing the Transmission of Covid-19

Covid-19 has made us all much more aware of virus infection. But its airborne transmission is still commonly underestimated. Scientists have learnt a lot about SARS-CoV-2 (the virus causing Covid-19) over the l...

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How Mobile Services Solve Air Filtration Maintenance Challenges

To maintain clean, hygienic air for your indoor environment, a regular filter maintenance regime is essential. However, the practicalities of consistently implementing this service can pose challenges for some ...

Indoor Air Quality
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How Technology Helps Keep Your Indoor Air Quality Safe

In the last 12 months, the ongoing threat of COVID-19 has made the importance of minimising infection more critical than ever. As scientists continue to investigate its transmission method, there is growing evi...

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The AC1500 & Airborne Contaminants

With the current issues regarding COVID-19 and the growing realisation that there is a considerable risk of the spread of infection through airborne particulate, there is a significant focus on air cleanliness ...

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Improve air quality for better health & better-quality products

Want to know how you can improve your indoor air quality (IAQ)? What affects indoor air quality (IAQ)? Pollutants in the air affect indoor air quality (IAQ) and, perhaps surprisingly, indoor air has been prov...