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Your Indoor Air Quality is Making You Sick

It’s well-known that indoor air quality is one of the most critical factors for health and preventing sickness. Poor indoor air quality can lead to respiratory illnesses, with unfiltered air containing po...

Two engineers chatting about plant machine maintenance
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The Importance of Plant Maintenance to Reduce Costs

In the manufacturing industry, maintaining your plant equipment and environment is essential for productivity and avoiding delays, ultimately being the driving force behind better cost-efficiency. Air filtratio...

Heavy manufacturing machinery - blades using fluids
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The Importance of Fluid Filtration on the Lifespan of Machinery

For many businesses, the investment in the machinery they rely on to deliver their products and services is a considerable one. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to take every measure in selecting the right ele...

a man yawning at his desk at work

Does the Indoor Air Quality Affect Your Productivity?

It seems as though air quality is often an afterthought, not really seen as a basic cornerstone of wellness – out of sight, out of mind, right? Think about the first reaction you have when you step into t...

Elementary school children wearing blue school uniforms raising hands in classroom
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Air Filtration in Classrooms: Why is it beneficial?

Air filtration in any indoor space guards against a wide range of potential issues. From manufacturing and busy factory floors to offices and public buildings, each requires a solution tailored to its own indiv...

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UVGI: How Can It Improve IAQ in Healthcare Facilities?

Few indoor spaces are as sensitive to hygiene levels as the healthcare environment. The unique challenge posed, however, is that these environments are also some of the most fertile when it comes to airborne pa...

air conditioner at work
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Should you Filter your Air Conditioners?

While many of us simply think of air conditioning as a means to provide cold air and comfort to our indoor environments, it also offers something much more important – filtering dust, airborne viruses, po...

hay fever affecting work and health
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Hay Fever: Does Air Purification Solve The Problem?

Hay fever, also known as Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis, is an allergy that makes life uncomfortable and, on occasions, unbearable for one in four people in the UK. That’s a staggering 16 million of us! Sympt...

filtered water
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Filtered Water: What Are the Key Benefits?

Filtered water is essential, from the taps we drink from to the high-volume industrial systems on which manufacturers and services depend. Here are just some of the reasons why: To stop the risk of water-relate...

Hayever and allergens
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Springtime: What does this mean for IAQ?

Many of us associate the colder months with indoor heating, closed windows and doors, and the resulting falls in indoor air quality. Springtime changes a lot of the contributing factors for that, better weather...