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Is work making you ill?

Do you work in an office or building and feel ill while you are at work but as soon as you leave the building the symptoms alleviate or disappear? Sick building syndrome If this is the case you could have a si...

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Filtrex supports National Clean Air Day

The UK has been highlighted as one of the countries who have continuously overstepped the legal levels of nitrogen dioxide created by pollution, generated from factories and vehicles, ignoring clean air support...

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Allergy or air pollution

To give the trees their due, they do an excellent job at pollination, along with their bee helpers of course! However high pollen levels mixed with air pollutants is a key factor in the rise of allergic disease...

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Assistance in the salvage of clean air with Herts Essex Recycling

Filtrex Global are pleased to confirm its on-going association with Herts Essex Recycling, a professional recycling management company that is committed to 100% recycling for waste disposal requirements and sal...

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Every day we breathe!

Every day we use vital organs like our brain, heart and lungs without thinking about it or hardly being aware we are doing it. Indoor air quality insights below bring how and what we breathe to attention. This ...