Fluid Filtration

Our extensive selection of fluid filtration systems can provide the ideal solution to safely and efficiently meet the challenges of your environment.

With options designed to comprehensively remove a range of particle sizes, our knowledgeable engineers can help you select the right element to decontaminate and purify your water or fluid processes. Our filter housings are manufactured to suit a variety of applications and can support even the most, high-flow, demanding conditions. Aiming to provide our customers with maximum flexibility in sourcing the right solution for them, Filtrex offers our convenient mobile fluid filtration system and ready-to-use Osmopure reverse osmosis units.
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Fluid Filter Elements

Filtrex has a vast range of cartridge and bag filter elements to accommodate the exact needs of your applications. Available in a wide range of sizes and micron ratings, with carbon, de-ionisation or RO membranes elements.

For fluids with higher viscosities, cartridge options include:
  • Spun & wound depth cartridges
  • Pleated cartridges
  • Resin-bonded cartridges
A collection of Fluid Filter elements
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Fluid Filter Housings

From convenient single cartridge housings to high-flow, multi-element housings for the most demanding of applications, Filtrex can provide a reliable and effective solution to complement our fluid and water filtration elements and best support your processes.

Our variety of cartridge and bag housings options are made in plastic or stainless steel.

A collection of Fluid Filter Housings
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Mobile Fluid Filtration System

Our convenient mobile fluid filtration system is ideal for emergency off-line filtration or routine cleaning of fluid storage vessels and cooling systems.

  • Trolley mounted filtration and pump system
  • Choice of bag or cartridge elements
  • Filtration from 1000 micron to 0.1 micron
  • Fitted with isolation valves, a flow meter, suction and delivery hoses
  • Available in aluminium or stainless steel
Our Products

Osmopure Reverse Osmosis Units

Our range of Osmopure Reverse Osmosis Units are designed to overcome the challenges found in any applications; from compact, space-saving systems to high-purity, high-volume industrial systems.

Supplied ready-to-use, our units offer a high-quality, convenient solution to effectively remove the contaminants from your fluids for the best possible purification.

Osmopure Reverse Osmosis Units

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