Air Filtration and Hygiene is a critical part of Food and Beverage manufacture. Controlling and eliminating airborne and surface contamination is key to a safe product and environment.

At Filtrex, we understand the needs of the Industry and as a BRC certified company can assist in Risk Assessments and advising on the correct filtration requirements. All our filters are certified to current standards and we offer a full online LOGIC Audit Compliance Portal – either as sales only package (utilizing your workforce) or as a full supply and install and monitor package (your site team don’t touch a filter again).

Filtration standards in Food manufacturing facilities are increasingly moving forward and Filtrex can support you every step of the way from existing legislation to making you are aware of new legislation and keeping you one step ahead of the Auditor!

We support you and your site by:

  • Manufacture and Supply of certified filters to BRC standards, High, Medium and Low care areas
  • Site wide Risk Assessment and benchmarking of filtration required for each area
  • Full supply and Install service
  • Logic Audit Compliance portal – all your site filter and air hygiene information in one App/Login – Audit Ready all day everyday
  • Air distribution sleeve cleaning – both onsite and offsite
  • LEV and extraction filtration service and certification
  • Ductwork cleaning including all process and Fryer extraction systems
  • Minor works – upgrades and systems
  • Odour Abatement design and install of systems and management

This gives you:

  • Peace of mind and Audit Ready every day
  • Comply with food safety standards
  • Improve air quality
  • Limit bacterial, mould and microbial growth
  • Increase shelf life and visual condition of product
  • Increase your engineering team and site efficiencies
v-flow type xl filter
smartpleat energy filter
metal framed pleated panel filter
proguard filter
high capacity hepa filter
food safe panel filter