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Real-World Evidence on the Effectiveness of HEPA Air Filters Against COVID-19

There has been a lot of discussion around the effectiveness of air purifiers recently, all of which have been based on lab studies, not real-world conditions.

Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge decided to change that by undertaking a ground-breaking real-world study to see just how effective air filters can be against airborne pathogens, such as SARS-CoV-2.

As we already supply them with air filters, we jumped at the chance to take part in one of the first tests of its kind carried out in wards set up for the high demands of COVID patients.

The real-world test conclusively proved that HEPA air filtration does remove pathogens, such as COVID, from the air, with COVID detected in the five days prior to the units being turned on, and no signs of COVID detected in the five days after the air filters were activated.

Filtrex Director, Peter Fox, has welcomed the findings:

What does this mean for Filtrex?

“The study has given us valuable data, along with undeniable evidence, that HEPA air filters work despite scepticism in the past. We are being contacted by people working in infection control from all over the world as a result of the study’s findings.

We plan to attend the NHS infection & prevention conference in February next year to promote these benefits.”

Are NHS Trusts now showing an interest in air filtration?

“Yes, we are continuing to receive enquiries from the NHS; in one sense, they never stopped. We have regular queries from hospitals around the country.

Currently, the study’s findings are passing the peer review stage but will be officially released very soon.”

Will this have an impact in terms of potentially shipping units abroad?

“That wasn’t our plan initially; the enquiries we have had so far from abroad have mainly been fact-finding and seeking more information about the study. However, this is something we will be following up on to see where it leads.

The key thing for us is that the test proves the effectiveness of air filtration for infection control. It is a very straightforward and cost-effective solution, and now we know it works.”

Is there a key message here for potential customers around why air filtration is important?

“The key message is that air purification devices have been proven to work, but it is still vital to get the correct unit for the correct application.

We have now proven the technology works, but that doesn’t mean you can just go and grab a budget unit and assume it is safe.

Clean air delivery rates have to be correct for the room size and ventilation system; HEPA filters must be tested and verified; the combination of HEPA filtration and UVC has to remove particulate matter and decontaminate air correctly, and you need the correct airflow dynamics to ensure full room purging.”

Finally, and just as importantly, maintenance is vital; it is the only way that units will continue to protect correctly. This servicing should be scheduled and pre-planned well in advance.

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