For Hospitals and medical facilities, the care and protection of patients is paramount. Maintaining a high level of air quality is a critical factor in the promotion of health and wellbeing. Maintaining a structured filter monitoring and change regime with certified filters is imperative to achieving a higher level of air quality.

Filtrex have extensive experience in these environments and understand the requirements of HTM-03.

Meeting HTM-03 standards need not be onerous and costly – Filtrex can support with certified filters and work within the hospital maintenance budget to provide the best possible service from the Estates Department to the Trust.

Our aim at Filtrex is to empower the Estates department to give the highest quality air and to provide protection from the risk of infection whilst working within budget.

We support site engineering teams by:

  • Manufacture and Supply of certified filters to HTM-03 standards.
  • Filters for AHUs, air intakes and other ventilation systems
  • Supply and testing of Hepa filters for critical areas
  • Full Filter supply and install service
  • Logic Audit Compliance portal – all your site filter information in one App/Login
  • AHU deep cleans and duct cleaning
  • Upgrades and improvements to existing AHU’s
  • Dedicated off-site stockholding for immediate delivery
metal framed pleated panel filter
smartpleat energy filter
v-flow gt filter
high capacity hepa filter