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The Importance of Plant Maintenance to Reduce Costs

In the manufacturing industry, maintaining your plant equipment and environment is essential for productivity and avoiding delays, ultimately being the driving force behind better cost-efficiency. Air filtration in the manufacturing industry is also key to keeping your employees healthy which has an impact on keeping costs down too.

Filtrex recognises the vital importance of air filtration to plant maintenance. Below, we explore how effective filtration then has a knock-on effect of reducing costs.

Maximum efficiency

Energy efficiency is increasingly crucial as prices rise and manufacturing systems become more complex. Proper plant maintenance enables companies to operate at maximum efficiency. 

An integral part of maintaining plant efficiency is the introduction of effective air filtration. Fine particulates in the air can cause blockages in machinery and result in damage to crucial equipment over time. To reduce repair and purchasing costs in the long run, businesses must ensure that the air in their plant is filtered continually, ideally incorporating high-quality HEPA filters. 

Health and safety of employees

Air filtration is crucial to staff health and safety in the workplace. Filtering air helps remove microbes and fine particulates from manufacturing, preventing employees from breathing them in. As a result, staff in the workplace are protected, avoiding loss of productivity or absences caused by airborne illnesses.

Compliance with workplace safety regulations on air quality must also be considered when considering cost reduction. It is a legal and moral obligation to protect staff from hazardous working conditions, such as exposure to dust, fumes and other airborne contaminants that may impact their health. Non-compliance can lead to fines. Therefore, suitable air filtration systems should be essential to your manufacturing plant and be maintained accordingly. 

With over 60 years of air filtration experience, Filtrex can advise you on your air filtration needs, including risk assessment, current industry and sector regulations and the best air filtration systems to meet your needs.

Environmental impact

Reducing plant costs in manufacturing goes hand in hand with the environmental impact of manufacturing. Maintaining your plant’s air quality and protecting your personnel and equipment can reduce your plant’s environmental impact. 

Filtering out the particulates that result from manufacturing before the air is released from a site helps reduce the impact on air quality in the vicinity. Additionally, filtered air helps to prevent particulate build-up in machinery. This minimises internal damage to equipment, reducing the energy needed to conduct repairs. A long-term decrease in spending is a sustainable way to reduce overall operating costs. 

Air filtration and plant maintenance

Complete air filtration at manufacturing sites supports productivity and efficiency while reducing costs associated with repairs and environmental damage. A comprehensive air filtration system solution should provide the following:

  • A site-specific service – design, supply and installation of air filtration systems in compliance with industry regulations that meet unique requirements, vital in such a diverse industry as manufacturing where regulations will vary across sectors
  • Risk assessments and benchmarking of filtration are required for each area of your on-site operation
  • Durable  filtration systems designed with an in-depth understanding of the challenges presented by manufacturing and stringent safety requirements
  • High-performance HEPA filters for fine particulate filtration, protecting operating equipment and personnel from airborne contaminants
  • Upgrades and system maintenance
  • Local exhaust ventilation (LEV) systems for optimised filtration
  • Extraction filtration service and certification
  • Specialist deep cleans and duct cleaning 
  • Maintaining safety in the working environment for employees and keeping systems fully operational

Filtrex can advise on air filtration for manufacturing and related industries, providing a site-specific service with reliable infrastructure and unique filtration expertise. We also offer a Logic Audit Compliance portal, making it easy to access all site filter and air hygiene information in one app. 

To find out more, please get in contact with our engineers.

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