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Every day we breathe!

Every day we use vital organs like our brain, heart and lungs without thinking about it or hardly being aware we are doing it. Indoor air quality insights below bring how and what we breathe to attention.

This is the same with air – we do not see it, feel it or think about yet we use it every day. And by not thinking, touching or feeling it we often forget the mask of pollution it entertains which we are also unwillingly, unknowingly inhaling.

We may have moved on from the dark Dickens-esque streets of London with its host of Victorian ‘smog,’ but recent reports of high air pressure, winds and fog have all assisted with ‘isolated pockets’ of very high pollution (Date, 2017)*, with the biggest pollutant being Nitrogen Dioxide often emitted via transportation and heating.

“Poor air quality has a significant impact on our health with young children and elderly being most susceptible. Research has also highlighted pollution as increasing the risk of a stroke or heart attack and a recent study has found a possible link to Alzheimer’s.”

We often consider pollution as something that is outside, however what is outdoors certainly invites itself in. And with us spending 90% of our time indoors the importance of ensuring incoming air is filtered to the correct standards is essential. This will remove not only the particulate in the air but the gases, which include Nitrous Dioxide.

“The importance of sufficient filtration is highlighted in a recent UK Government study that suggests – reducing air pollutant particles is more beneficial to life expectancy over car accidents and a reduction in passive smoking.”

Other elements of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) that can affect our health include poor ventilation, biological contamination, bacteria moulds, pollen and viruses. These can cause symptoms like headaches, coughing, eye irritation, poor concentration, fatigue or an allergic reaction which can be a result of what is known as Sick Building Syndrome.

Ensuring you have a high level of filtration within the building assists in reducing health issues. Filtrex Global can provide you with a complete filtration solution to ensure you have a high IAQ to help protect employees, co-workers and other building users from the dangers of poor air quality.

The V-Flow series from Filtrex could provide you with all the protection you need. The V-Flow XL F8 would give you energy efficient removal of fine particulate, whilst the V-Flow carbon would provide the molecular filtration for gases and odours.

Filtrex also offers indoor air quality insights and surveys to assess issues within a building and servicing ductwork and air handling units through cleaning and disinfecting.

The team at Filtrex would be glad to discuss your requirements and provide you with the best solution for your application. Please get in touch further on 01279 457590 | email

As part of our corporate responsibility to ensure that we are working towards providing clean air and health we are supporting the British Heart Foundation through March with a De-Chox, if you would like to support our efforts please make a kind donation to:

*Will Date, 24.1.2017, Government issues health warning over pollution levels,