Carbon Filters

Remove molecular contaminants and eliminate odours and fumes for a healthier, more comfortable environment.

Enhance indoor air quality (IAQ) for visitors to public buildings, shared working spaces and leisure environments using activated carbon filters to remove pollutants; also particularly beneficial in industries, such as food factories, where strong odours and fumes require elimination from the air prior to discharge into the atmosphere. With extensive experience in Activated Carbon Filter Systems, Filtrex will design a solution to meet the exact requirements of your application.
Our Products

Actisorb Activated Carbon Filter Systems

With a wide range of filter systems, including our easy-change, refillable Actisorb cartridge options, Filtrex can tailor an effective solution to overcome any air quality challenges.

  • Combat odours created in food factories before the air is discharged into the environment
  • Remove pungent fumes and vapour from vent pipes from storage silos and effluent tanks
  • Protect priceless manuscripts and artefacts from deterioration by purifying incoming air
  • Improve indoor air quality (IAQ) in shared environments, such as airports, hospitals, hotels and offices
An example of a Actisorb Activated Carbon Filter Systems product
Our Products

Bonded & Granular Carbon Panels

Our galvanised-framed, carbon cells contain microporous activated carbon granules designed to absorb impurities effectively; manufactured in either bonded rigid panel or loose-fill form.

  • Eradicate molecular contaminants
  • Control even the most pungent odours
  • Invaluable in kitchen extract systems
An example of a Bonded & Granular Carbon Panels product
Our Products

V-Flow Carbon

A fine-grade, synthetic, multilayer media with activated carbon granules

  • A 2-in-1 solution for removing dust particles and eliminating low-level odours
  • Ideal for enhanced IAQ levels, especially in urban areas
An example of a V-Flow Carbon Filter product
Our Products

Actisorb Carbon Cartridge System

A refillable cartridge system, using steel mesh cartridges, filled with granular activated carbon

  • Efficient and easy to maintain
  • Achieves high air volumes for excellent removal of molecular contaminants and odorous gases
  • Mounted on a base plate, enabling easy changeovers via a bayonet fitting
Our Products

Microsorb In-Line Carbon Filter

The Microsorb in-line carbon filter is suitable for a range of applications where the filtration of fumes and gases is required.

  • Compact and easy to install
  • Beneficial in a wide range of environments, including;
    – office and public buildings
    – hospitality and leisure
    – schools and colleges
Our Products

Multi-Cell Carbon Units

Formed of bonded carbon panels, mounted within a galvanised steel frame in a V formation

  • A compact unit capable of higher airflows
  • Effective in the removal of molecular contaminants and odour control
  • Invaluable in kitchen extract systems
An example of a Multi-Cell Carbon Unit

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