Managed Air Filtration Services / Logic

Make it easy with our comprehensive filter management service

Taking care of the entire filter replacement process, our LOGIC packages save your business valuable time and resources.

The cloud-based, record-keeping service monitors schedules, maintenance planners, filtration specification sheets, filter changes and cleaning records, so your filtration systems continue to provide higher air quality that is fully compliant with industry standards.
Filtrex offers three LOGIC packages, each designed to suit varying levels of business needs.
Full site survey of filtration systemsYY
Energy-saving reviewYY
Longer life filter optionsYY
Filtration service record for audit complianceYY
Labelled units with references for easy identificationYY
Scheduled filter deliveriesY
Consignment stock as requiredY
Option for TR19 and HTM03 awareness trainingY
Filter replacement, including disposal of used filters Y
Annual clean and disinfection of AHUsY
Belt condition check and replacement, as requiredY
General unit operation and condition reportY
Photographic reports of cleaning and any issues identifiedY
Ductwork cleanliness survey and recommendationsY


Our top-level supply and fit package allows for regular off-site monitoring. Its fully auditable, online filter management folder offers record-keeping for schedules, maintenance planners and specification sheets, as well as filter-change and cleaning records. This complete package makes filter replacement easy, efficient and stress-free.

Find out which LOGIC package suits your business needs