Air Filtration for Manufacturing

Safeguarding the health of your employees, your operations and the environment

Filtrex appreciates the critical role air hygiene plays in keeping your employees safe, your processes efficient, and your environmental impact reduced. We take on this responsibility and offer high performing filtration products, developed to combat the heavy dust and fume levels, pollutants and toxicity produced in manufacturing environments, and reduce the threat that they pose to your processes, products and people.

The air contaminants associated with manufacturing can create a harmful environment. Their corrosive effects are detrimental to your products, and the increased toxicity levels pose a threat to the health of your employees and the environment. Filtrex considers the unique needs of your manufacturing site and operational processes and provides air extraction systems to remove these threats. Our specialist cleaning systems and extensive monitoring and reporting processes will ensure compliance with the strict, and ever-evolving, industry legislation.
Filtrex’s complete air filtration systems support your industry with:
  • Site-specific design, supply and installation of filtration products that satisfy the unique requirements of your operating environment and comply fully with industry regulations
  • Innovative, durable and reliable filtration systems, distinctly developed for the challenges faced in manufacturing
  • High-performance HEPA filters for fine particle filtration, protecting operating equipment from airborne contaminants
  • LEV and extraction filtration service and certification
  • Site-wide risk assessment and benchmarking of filtration required for each area
  • Logic Audit Compliance portal – all your site filter and air hygiene information in one app
  • Specialist deep cleans and duct cleaning, on and offsite, to keep a safe environment for employees and to keep systems fully operational
  • Minor works – upgrades and systems

Six good reasons to place your filtration needs in our hands

  • shelf-benefits-filtrex2
    Increase the service life of your systems with reliable, high-performing filtrationa
  • healthy-safe-filtrex2
    Healthy and safe working environment for employees
  • comply-benefits-filtrex2

    Full compliance with safety regulations

  • co1-emissions-filtrex2

    Lowered carbon emissions with energy-efficient filtration solutions

  • bacterial-benefits-filtrex2

    Avoid dust and contaminant build-up, leading to operational downtime

  • target-filtrex2

    Tailored solutions to meet your exact site and process challenges


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