More to Shelf Life Than Meets the Eye

More to Shelf Life Than Meets the Eye

Food waste is a key topic for many food manufacturers and retailers, with the UK being one of the biggest offenders for unnecessary food waste. Shelf life being a critical consideration for the food processing industry.

The industry has implemented many techniques including food preservation with use of salt, heat, freezing, vacuum packed food items as well as food waste projects including redistribution, surplus food used for animal feeding, reduced costs to ‘sell by’ or ‘best before’ date foods in supermarkets, stores working with charities and food banks to distribute food, introducing ‘wonky’ fruit and vegetables as a fun way to offer unusual or knobbly food products that in the past were wasted. Some supermarkets have even opted to remove the ‘sell by’ or ‘best before’ dates so that consumers can determine themselves when food needs to be thrown away.

food storageAlthough there is more to shelf life than meets the eye, as Filtrex Global Limited a leader in filtration and air hygiene management explains; poor ventilation and filtration standards allow the build-up of yeasts and mould which can cause premature deterioration of the product. This in turn can have massive waste issues for the manufacturer and the resale and end users. It is of major concern to the manufacturer and external auditors that the filtration systems are well maintained and effective.

With microorganisms floating about in the air made up of yeasts, bacteria and moulds which on exposure to food products accelerates the deterioration of the product. Ventilation and filtration act on diminishing microorganisms by reducing the amount of moisture in the air, removing particles containing bacteria and other components by sterilising, collecting and retaining them. It is also important that ventilation and filtration equipment is maintained as the damp, moist or humid ventilation system can act as a breeding ground for mould.

Filtrex Global Limited offer a free initial survey and evaluation of the filter and ventilation system to check the filtration standards (filter and filter sealing mechanisms), air change rates and all critical- positive pressure regime in areas that High-Risk food is being processed in. Often simple improvements and upgrades to the system can have a great effect on the product depreciation and reduce waste costs to the manufacturer.

Anthony Fox, Filtrex Account Manager says, ‘We work closely with our customers to ensure that ‎the optimum factory conditions are maintained from the Filtration and Air Handling Systems.’

For further information visit or for your free initial survey please contact Filtrex Global Limited on 01279 457 590 or email

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