Air Hygiene Products

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Filtrex offer a range of products and services to help combat the spread of infection.

Ventilation Filters

Our full range of ventilation filters and frames includes: a selection of media, available in roll or cut pad form; smartpleat and fibreglass panel filters; Proguard bag filters from low to fine grade, in a variety of materials and header types; and the energy efficient V-Flow Compact pocket filters.

HEPA Filters

High Efficiency Particulate Air filters protect environments that require ultra-clean air.  Filtrex Arrestor HEPA filters are used for many applications: high grade industrial systems, clean rooms, hospitals, and electronic and pharmaceutical manufacturing where contamination would be damaging and costly.

 Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters are used for the removal of molecular contaminants including odorous gases which are absorbed into the microporous surface of the carbon granules. Our activated carbon filter systems are designed to suit your application and to offer the best solution to your odour and fume issues.

 Fluid Filtration

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Filtrex provide an extensive range of elements and housings for all aspects of industrial and process fluid filtration; including our Osmopure reverse osmosis units and our mobile fluid filtration system.

Dust Control Filters

Dust Control Cartridge Filters

Filtrex dust  control filters are used in many environments to eliminate nuisance dust from the atmosphere.  We supply a wide range of cartridge filters and single and multipocket dust bags in a selection of materials to suit your requirements.

 Smartpleat Range

With the dual benefits of energy efficiency and increased life, the Smartpleat range of filters offer reduced energy costs and fewer changeouts.

 Control Equipment

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Filtrex supply a range of associated products to complement our range of filters.

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