M gaugeControl Equipment & Gauges

We offer a complete range of control equipment including, differential pressure gauges for filter monitoring, manometers and pressure switches. We also provide a range of accessories including, pitot tubes for airflow monitoring, mounting kits, brackets, sensors and remote displays. Please contact a member of the sales team to discuss further.

v belt pulleyDrive Belts

We supply a comprehensive range of Wedge and V-belts and pulleys for your transmission requirements. With a complete range of sections to meet any requirement, we can supply a complete filter and drive belt package to ensure fast and efficient AHU servicing and maintenance.

ahu cleaning and disinfectingAHU Cleaning & Disinfecting Products

Keeping climate installations clean and clear of pollution is vital to the maintaining of an efficient and contaminant free system. Regular cleaning will prevent contamination, corrosion and increased energy consumption.

We also offer biocide treatment tablets for use in condensate drains and trays and humidifiers. For the control of bacteria and other biological growth in HVAC systems and other applications.

Please contact us for further information on our range of AHU and ventilation cleaning products.