Filtrex provide a comprehensive range of air and dust filtration services and solutions.

Plant Maintenance

Servicing of air conditioning and dust control and other filtration plants is often a neglected task, yet so fundamental for maintaining optimum performance and avoiding hygiene issues.

Filtrex offers a complete plant maintenance service, including routine assessments and offering upgrade and repairs to ensure your plant is running as it should be.

Ductwork cleaning & hygiene

Contaminated ductwork systems can create an ideal environment for microbiological growth, leading to the spread of bacteria. Decontamination, dust and debris build up can develop serious risks including fire.

Surveys, testing & reporting

A complete range of air testing reports to provide vital information for the teams responsible for the air quality in your company, these include:

  • LEV survey (COSHH LEV test)
  • IAQ test
  • Environmental air monitoring test
  • Dust analysis report
  • HEPA challenge report
  • EPBD reports
  • Supply & extract ductwork systems to a TR19 standard

Training & plant management

Where regular maintenance & filter changing is carried out in-house, we produce a complete documentation & record system for filter changing & unit servicing.

Mobile filter management & hygiene unit

Our mobile filter management units‘ allow filters to be stored & removed with minimal site disruption.


The thinking behind LOGIC is simple.  We take the pressure off you.  By taking care of the whole filter replacement process, we make filter changing efficient & organised, saving you valuable time and resource.

Filtration & Air Hygiene Solutions Brochure