Mobile Filter Management Unit

Many sites have issues with filter storage. Even those with good sized plant rooms have issues with fire insurance documentation and filters being stored on site.

Our mobile filter management units’ will allow filters to be brought to the clients site, stored and removed in a designated area with minimal site disruption. The filters are packed into areas and then distributed straight to the plant room.

Filters are swapped over and then removed back to the Filter Management Unit.

To assist in the site operation, filters and cartons are labelled and packed into areas. Site area plans and unit location charts along with filter schedules are displayed inside the Filter Management Unit to assist in the logistics of the filter change operation.

On Site Hygiene Unit

Trailer mounted washing facility to clean, launder, treat with mold inhibitor and repair washable filter air distribution sleeves.

Filters can be removed out of production time and cleaned on site and re-fitted during the clients downtime. This removes the requirement for space set storage which can take up valuable space, be susceptible to mold growth and damage.

It is very difficult to maintain the correct system airflow/temperature with sleeves removed even for a short while.

Hot and cold spots can occur and on-site cleaning will offer solutions to all these issues.