Surveys, Testing & Reporting

Improved performance for optimum air quality and energy efficiency

For consistently high-quality air hygiene that is safe and healthy for your team, our comprehensive range of air testing reports will ensure your filtration systems are fully functioning. By sourcing and eradicating any dust and fume issues, these services not only help you comply with legislation but also provide you with energy-saving solutions through our intelligent filter selection.

Our qualified engineers can carry out the following surveys and make data-based recommendations to improve your working environment:
  • LEV Survey
  • IAQ Test
  • Environmental Air Monitoring Test
  • Dust Analysis Report
  • Hepa Challenge Test
  • EPBD Report
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Cleanroom Validation

As specialists in in cleanroom validation for MHRA-licenced facilities, Filtrex offer a complete range of performance tests to adhere to all the current standards, including:
  • ISO 14644
  • EU GMP
  • IEST-RP-CC006.3
  • Federal Standard 209E
  • Other corporate SOPs

Supply, Install and Test of HEPA Filters

Avoid a reduction in air quality delivered via a HEPA filter with routine verification and performance testing. Filtrex supply, install and integrity test HEPA filters to maintain good quality airflow that is compliant for Air Handling Units, UCVs and Cleanrooms standards.


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