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Co2 Meter for indoor air quality
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Should Your Business Be Purchasing Portable Air Filters?

At Filtrex, we have always been advocates for the importance of indoor air quality. Helping businesses, organisations and healthcare providers protect their patients, staff, equipment, and products with the pro...

Purifying working environments (22)
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Filtrex 2021 – A note from our Director, Peter Fox

As 2021 comes to a close, the team at Filtrex can look back at a challenging but successful year! We have seen good growth this year and are looking to continue this into 2022.  We have had a number of new team...

Air Filtration During the Colder Months
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The Importance of Using Air Filtration During the Colder Months

The ongoing challenges to slow the spread of COVID-19 and better protect people from this and other airborne viruses and particulate matter are compounded during the colder winter months. As we know, the import...

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Real-World Evidence on the Effectiveness of HEPA Air Filters Against COVID-19

There has been a lot of discussion around the effectiveness of air purifiers recently, all of which have been based on lab studies, not real-world conditions. Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge decided to chan...

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Addenbrookes Real World Study Using the Filtrex AC1500 Air Purifier

We have been glad to support Addenbrookes Hospital and the University of Cambridge in a first of a kind, real life test on the effectiveness of high-capacity air filtration units and the removal of COVID-19. Re...

The importance of Indoor Air Quality in Schools
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Addressing the Importance of Air Quality in our Schools

As pupils and staff return to schools, colleges and universities, the spotlight has been placed on air quality. With parents, school staff and unions all recognising the need for improved ventilation as a vital...

Audit Compliance in the Food Industry
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Understanding Audit Compliance in the Food Industry

The UK food industry is amongst the most comprehensively audited sectors anywhere in UK manufacturing. Those auditors can be partners and customers, local authorities, the British Retail Consortium, or internal...

Food production line staff
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The Unexpected Driving Force behind UK Manufacturing

Few industries are as broad and diverse as manufacturing, and today the UK remains one of the most prolific manufacturers in the world. Simply put, as a nation, we make things, and we make them well. That inclu...

Group of friends paying contactless with mobile phone to a waiter in a cafe. Focus is on waiter.
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The Importance of Clean Air in the Food & Beverage Industry

As the hospitality industry enjoys welcoming its customers back to food and beverage establishments across the UK, there is a heightened awareness of hygiene and cleanliness. Alongside the rigorous cleaning reg...

Healthcare workers are clapping at a recovered patient.
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How Efficient Air Filtration Delivers Benefits to Healthcare Settings

The critical role of clean air in reducing the transmission of viruses, such as Covid-19, has become increasingly apparent as scientists have learnt more about airborne transmission. In healthcare settings, exc...