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The Importance of Fluid Filtration on the Lifespan of Machinery

For many businesses, the investment in the machinery they rely on to deliver their products and services is a considerable one. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to take every measure in selecting the right element to purify and decontaminate the fluid or water processes upon which that machinery relies.

Fluid filtration happens far more often than many realise and is a crucial stage in the industrial process. Here are just some of the reasons why:

Protecting your investment

Across industrial manufacturing, fluid filtration is an essential process. Few other procedures protect the specialist coatings of expensive machinery.

Without it, particulate matter that is often harder than the parent surface can build up, damage machinery and ultimately lead to systematic failures and unplanned costs in terms of repairs and replacement parts. Even a component as simple as a pipe can erode due to unfiltered particulate matter, reducing efficiency and placing a much wider production process at risk.

Purifying the production process

One of the most familiar purification processes is water purification. We all rely on safe drinking water, which, thanks to the fluid filtration process, is free of sand, sediment, carbons and a range of other suspended particles.

Industrial components benefit from filtration in a similar way.

Fluid filtration systems are vital in keeping components such as oil, coolants, chemicals and water clean and contamination-free. A world without fluid filtration would be one in which non-renewable resources would be wasted on a massive scale.

Creating a safer environment

Health and safety compliance is essential in terms of minimising exposure to hazardous and highly contaminated materials. One of the key benefits of fluid filtration is the delivery of a more automated process to filter out particles on even the smallest scales in existing machinery and procedures.

This process helps to keep your employees safer; it also helps to future-proof your machinery and operations in compliance with safety legislations and quality standards today and into the future.

Breaking the chain of wear

The particulate matter generated by abrasive wear should always be removed by high-performance fluid filtration components. Failure to do so means that such ‘work-hardened’ particles will recirculate, leading to premature component failure.

Fluid filtration can resolve a spectrum of wear-related risks.

Abrasive wear – wherein work-hardened particulate matter is removed before recirculating and causing a chain reaction of wear in other components.
Erosive wear – this can be an issue in components with high-velocity flows, such as proportional valves and servos. Not only can erosive wear cause dimensional changes to components, but it can also lead to leakage, loss of efficiency and further particle generation to cause more contamination and abrasive wear in a system.
Adhesive wear – this is a characteristic of excessive loads combined with lower speeds and a reduction in the viscosity of unfiltered fluids. Over time, this will occur to a point where surface-to-surface contact occurs. Adhesive wear is a particular issue for components such as bearings and hydraulic cylinders.
Fatigue wear – this can be caused by the repeated stress resulting from particles trapped between moving surfaces. Typically fatigue begins with denting, which then leads to cracking. These cracks spread due to stress and bearing loads before finally failing entirely and producing a spall.

How Filtrex can help extend the lifespan of your machinery

Fluid filtration systems can provide the ideal solution to safely and efficiently meet the challenges of your environment and enhance the lifespan of the machinery upon which you rely.

With options designed to comprehensively remove a range of particle sizes, our engineers can help you select the appropriate element to decontaminate and purify your water or fluid processes.

Our fluid filter housings are manufactured to suit a variety of applications and can support even the most high-flow, demanding conditions. Aiming to provide our customers with maximum flexibility in sourcing the right solution, Filtrex also offers our convenient mobile fluid filtration system and ready-to-use Osmopure reverse osmosis units.

To learn more about our fluid filtration services or to discuss your specific industry requirements, please get in touch with our team.

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