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Keeping transport safe for passengers and cargo on land or sea

In transport and travel, the risk of harmful contaminants, dust and pollutants is often heightened. For challenging working environments at sea or on land, our filtration solutions keep your systems operating safely and efficiently, protect the quality of your cargo and ensure your environment is safe for all individuals working or travelling with you.

The harsh environment when travelling at sea poses unique challenges to keeping filtration systems working efficiently. The humidity, saltwater and extreme weather conditions have the potential to corrode machinery, leading to extensive or irreparably damage and expensive downtime. Transporting goods and passengers on land presents its own set of demanding concerns. Frequent and widespread movement can result in compromised air quality, potentially damaging operating systems and cargo, and posing a health hazard to those travelling. Our specialist, high-strength filters, designed to function effectively even in high-moisture applications, will protect your valuable vessels and the passengers or freight they are carrying.
Filtrex keeps the air safe at every step of your journey with:
  • Bespoke configuration, supply and installation of filtration products that satisfy the unique requirements of your operating environment and comply fully with industry regulations
  • Innovative, durable and reliable filtration systems, specially developed for the challenges faced in transportation
  • Energy-efficient products that offer environmental benefits while reducing your filtration budget
  • Site-wide risk assessment and benchmarking of filtration required for each area
  • Logic Audit Compliance portal – all your site filter and air hygiene information in one app
  • Specialist deep cleans and duct cleaning, on and offsite, to keep a safe environment for employees and passengers
  • Minor works – upgrades and systems

Six good reasons to place your filtration needs in our hands

  • shelf-benefits-filtrex2
    Increased service life of your systems
  • healthy-safety-filtrex2
    Healthy, safe environment for employees and passengers
  • quick-response-filtrex2

    Versatile, compact construction tailored to suit the most challenging applications

  • cost-effective-filtrex2

    Energy-efficient, cost-effective filtration solutions

  • team-benefit-filtrex2

    Reinforce your engineering team and site efficiencies

  • comply-benefits-filtrex2

    Full compliance with industry-specific safety regulations

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