Ventilation Filters

With our extensive range of ventilation filters, Filtrex can provide the best possible solution for the unique challenges faced in your environment.

From high-performance, super strength filters, designed for high moisture operations to more energy-efficient, cost-effective models for low to medium grade use, our solutions are designed to improve your working environments for all who operate within it.
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Bag Filters

High-Loft Bag Filter

This low to medium grade lofted synthetic bag filter is an excellent energy-efficient pre-filter or one-hit element for low to medium grade use

K Series Bag Filter

A cost-effective option for medium to fine grade applications, using spacer stitched synthetic media and a rolled edge galvanised steel header frame

Fibreglass Bag Filter

With high dust-holding capacity and excellent energy performance using microfine glass fibre media, this is the perfect option for medium to fine grade applications

Proguard Duo

Removing the need for pre-filters with a pre-layer of G4 high-loft filter material and fibreglass secondary layer, available in grades F7, F8 or F9

Approved for high airflows and offering outstanding dust-holding capacity, the Proguard uses self-supporting welded pockets and an incorporated aero-spacer
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Panel Filters

Smartpleat Energy

The energy-efficient, longer life option that offers optimum performance through a high surface area and increased air permeability

Smartpleat GT

The long-lasting, high durability of this specialist filter is an ideal option for high moisture applications, such as marine or off-shore operations

Smartpleat XL

Using extra pleats, this filter can offer high levels of dust-holding capacity and moisture resistance, while still delivering excellent energy efficiency

Fibreglass Panel Filter

Use the Fibreglass Panel Filter as a cost-effective solution for HVAC pre-filtration and other coarse dust applications

Hydrophobic Pleated Panel

The moisture resistance of this filter is perfect for higher humidity environments, as well as all other HVAC systems

High-Grade Pleated Panel
A fine grade panel filter, which offers excellent performance in sensitive applications, where the standard grade is not sufficient
Green Pleated Panel
The Green Pleated Panel Filter delivers excellent performance for HVAC and other movement systems with superior dust-holding capacity
Metal Framed Panel Filter
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Compact Filters

V-Flow EC Filter

Much higher capacity is provided via the mini-pleat fibre pack, offering excellent energy performance for medium to fine grade applications

V-Flow XL Filter

Superior performance and greater energy efficiency are delivered using extra pleat packs. Suitable for medium to fine grade applications, with HEPA grade options available

V-Flow HE

With a strong PVC frame, adaptable to most bag filter installations and variable airflow, the low-pressure design of this filter offers excellent energy savings

V-Flow ST

For a convenient, cost-effective solution, the V-Flow ST is compact and economical, offering increased efficiency delivered through a high filtration area

V-Flow Carbon
The fine-grade synthetic multilayer media with activated carbon granules removes dust particles while also eliminating odours; ideal for enhanced IAQ levels
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Filter Holding Frames

Robust, yet designed for easy pad changing, our pad or modular filter holding frames are made from galvanised steel, stainless steel or aluminium. Our filter housings are designed to accommodate different filter combinations. With specialist HEPA filter housings and safe-change models for use with critical applications, you can be assured of complete air hygiene safety. Supplied with pressure loss gauges, DOP and pressure test points, shut off dampers, and other accessories, each of our housings enable full monitoring of your air environment.

Our Products


Bespoke to order, Filtrex supplies a wide range of media to suit your exact requirements. Choose from synthetic and glass fibre material and a range of thicknesses.


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