High Loft Bag FilterHigh-Loft Bag Filter

A low to medium grade lofted synthetic bag filter working as an excellent energy efficient pre-filter, or as a one–hit element for low to medium grade use.

K Series Bag Filter

A cost effective bag filter with spacer stitched synthetic media and a rolled edge galvanised steel header frame, for medium to fine grade applications.

E-Flow Bag FilterFibreglass Bag Filter

A high quality multipocket bag filter made from microfine glass fibre media with excellent energy performance and high dust holding capacity; for use in medium to fine grade applications.

Proguard Duo

The bag filter has a unique, dual layer media design.  This provides a pre-layer of G4 high-loft filter material with a fiberglass secondary layer available in grades F7, F8 or F9.


An outstanding dust holding capacity with self-supporting welded pockets and incorporated aero-spacer, this bag filter has been approved for high air flows.