V-Flow EC Filter

A rigid PVC framed filter enclosing a series of minipleat glass fibre media packs, providing a large surface area with a much higher capacity than standard bag filters and excellent energy performance. For use in medium to fine grade applications.

V-Flow XL Filter

This V-Flow XL filter has extra pleat packs giving more media surface area than the E-Pack C, for greater energy savings and a superior performance. For medium to fine grade applications with HEPA grade options available.

V-Flow HE

A strong PVC framed filter that adapts to most bag filter installations, suited to variable air flow.  The V-Flow HE has a high efficiency, that offers energy saving through its low pressure design.

V-Flow ST

The V-Flow ST is compact and economic with a high filtration area that distributes a high efficiency.

V-Flow Carbon

A 2 in 1 solution for removing particles and eliminating odours, comprising a fine grade synthetic multilayer media with activated carbon granules, for removing dust particles and low-level odour; ideal for enhanced IAQ levels especially in urban areas.