Media & Pad Holding FramePad Holding Frame

Robust filter media pad holding frame made from galvanised steel or aluminum with a downstream mesh and retaining bar for easy pad changing.

Filter Holding FramesFilter Holding Frames

Modular filter holding frames can hold both panel filters and filters with headers and are made from galvanised steel, stainless steel or aluminum.

Filter Holding FramesFilter Housings

We supply a wide range of filter housings to suit every application. Housings can incorporate different filter combinations including panel, bag, rigid pocket and carbon. HEPA filters require specialist housings to ensure the standard of filtration is not compromised. We offer standard housings and safe-change types for critical applications where harmful contaminants may be present. These housings can be supplied complete with pressure loss gauges, DOP and pressure test points, shut off dampers and other accessories.