Smartpleat Energy

For optimum performance, an energy efficient, longer life filter, with high surface area and increased air permeability.

Smartpleat GT

Specialist filter for high moisture applications, the extended surface and media potted with polyurethane ensures no air bypass, this results in a high strength ideal for marine and off-shore.

Smartpleat XL

With high dust holding capacity, moisture resistance and extra pleats for excellent energy efficiency.

Fibreglass Panel FilterFibreglass Panel Filter

The ideal cost effective solution for HVAC pre filtration and other coarse dust applications.

Green Pleated Panel

An excellent performer for HVAC and other air movement systems with superior dust holding capacity.

High Grade Pleated PanelHigh Grade Pleated Panel

Fine grade panel filter ideally suited to sensitive applications where the standard grade is not enough.

Hydrophobic Pleated PanelHydrophobic Pleated Panel

With a combination of moisture resistant card and media, this filter is ideal for use in all HVAC systems, especially in higher humidity environments.