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Is work making you ill?

Do you work in an office or building and feel ill while you are at work but as soon as you leave the building the symptoms alleviate or disappear? Sick building syndrome

If this is the case you could have a sick building!

Sick building syndrome (SBS) is usually caused by poor ventilation, biological contamination, bacteria molds, pollen and viruses that can contribute towards workers experiencing symptoms such as headaches, coughing, eye irritation, poor concentration, fatigue, allergic reaction.

SBS is not always obvious and symptoms can occur on their own or as a combination that varies on a day to day basis linked to spending time in a building. Office workers whose work involves using display screen equipment or do not have access to fresh air with use of mechanical ventilation on air conditioning are at most risk.

Noticing employees taking more sick leave or performing badly could be signs of SBS and it is worth reviewing what procedures can be put in place to extinguish SBS. A review of the building and cleaning procedures should take place and attention to the duct work should be taken into consideration as this is the ideal environment for contamination, dust and debris build up to occur.

Improving indoor air quality will increase productivity of workers and reduce energy costs as the blocked ducts affect the efficiency of the fan as they have to work harder.

Filtrex Global Ltd offer a ductwork cleaning and disinfecting service, offering in-depth assessment with an accurate report on the condition of the ductwork. The area is then cleaned to remove germs, dirt and debris to TR19 standards. A disinfecting of the area that has just been cleaned is offered to kill the germs reducing risk of infection spreading and destroying any bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungus, remaining active for weeks after.

To discuss your indoor air quality requirements and find out further information about our ductwork cleaning and disinfecting service please contact us on 01279 457 591 or email

“Once the service is complete Filtrex will give you a certificate that you can SHOUT about to your staff to show them how you are caring for their welfare and watch staff morale improve.”