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The AC1500 & Airborne Contaminants

With the current issues regarding COVID-19 and the growing realisation that there is a considerable risk of the spread of infection through airborne particulate, there is a significant focus on air cleanliness and what can be done to reduce this risk.

This has been particularly highlighted in areas such as ENT, Maxillofacial, Dentistry and other areas where there are AGPs (aerosol generating procedures) taking place. There is a real danger that any contaminated aerosols or particles could be left suspended in the air for a considerable length of time.

To ensure the removal of any airborne contaminants there is a requirement for at least 5 air changes. Currently in many healthcare settings, providers are having to allow hours between seeing patients to allow the air to clear but with the Filtrex AC1500 air cleaner, this is reduced to minutes.

The AC1500 air cleaner provides fast and efficient circulation and cleaning of the air within a room ensuring all air is purified and that there are no dead spots that do not get purged.

The filter unit utilizes 3 stages of particulate filtration. A coarse panel filter as a pre-filter, a secondary V-Flow filter which has a grade of ePM1 80%. The final particulate filter is an H14 Hepa filter tested to EN1822 standards and efficient at 99.999% @ 0.1 microns.

Any microorganisms that are trapped in the filter section are eliminated via germicidal UVC lamps housed within the unit which result in a microbiological reduction of up to 100%.

The unit provides Supply Air Class ISO 5 – EN ISO 14644 Cleanroom Standards (Class 100 US FED 209E).

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