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How Technology Helps Keep Your Indoor Air Quality Safe

In the last 12 months, the ongoing threat of COVID-19 has made the importance of minimising infection more critical than ever. As scientists continue to investigate its transmission method, there is growing evidence that infection from this virus, like some others, can occur via airborne exposure.

Ensuring safe and hygienic indoor air quality is a priority. Although many of us are working from home, for some industries, this is simply not possible. Therefore, these employers need to take care of the health of their team while they carry out their job. Fortunately, advances in technology mean that we can better protect our employees and do so in a way that still allows the business to operate efficiently. In this article, Filtrex presents some of the technology used in air filtration products and services that support these objectives.


Air Filters

Installing an air filter, specific to your industry needs will help preserve indoor air quality. For workplaces, where high levels of air purity are required, a high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA filter) is recommended (where the air handling system design parameters permit). These air filters incorporate innovative design features and material, such as mini-pleated, micro-fine glass media and polyurethane sealants, that comply with strict industry regulations and offer the best possible protection where ultra-clean air is critical.



An effective air filter is the first stage in managing indoor air quality. However, it is vital to implement a structured filter monitoring, cleaning and change regime to maintain safe, high-quality air. Once a time-consuming process, harnessing the latest technology can now offer a more efficient, hassle-free air filtration maintenance solution.

Two examples of the use of technology in filter maintenance are:

  • Cloud-based systems

Monitoring schedules, maintenance planners, filter changes and cleaning records can be completed via cloud-based technology, such as Filtrex’s LOGIC packages. With photographic reports and fully auditable filter management folders, this technology makes managing compliance with industry regulations much simpler and more economical. Remote air and filter monitoring via our web app allows for efficiency in keeping an eye on the condition of your filters from your phone.

  • Mechanised Ductwork cleaning

Long ductwork lengths and inaccessible areas can make surveying and cleaning ductwork challenging. The technology behind specialist cleaning equipment, such as Filtrex’s DuctASP, DuctBOSS and DuctEYE, addresses these problems. Remote cameras and monitors can offer a 40m range, accessing different viewpoints to support verification in ductwork cleaning. Meanwhile, jet blasting and negative suction of compressed air are used to deliver an invasive clean of all hard-to-reach air handling or LEV ductwork.

Managing indoor air quality for the safety of your employees does not have to involve lengthy processes. The technology developed over recent years offers improved efficiency for your business while still supporting better air hygiene and reducing the worry of virus transmission.

To find out what products and services would best suit your business’s needs, please contact our experienced engineers for a consultation.

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