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How Mobile Services Solve Air Filtration Maintenance Challenges

To maintain clean, hygienic air for your indoor environment, a regular filter maintenance regime is essential. However, the practicalities of consistently implementing this service can pose challenges for some businesses. Filtrex explores these obstacles before detailing how mobile services can provide a solution.

The Challenges

Keeping up with the regular maintenance of your air filtration systems will reduce wear and tear, eliminating the build-up of bacteria and general debris and protecting the health and safety of your employees or visitors. However, there are particular challenges with carrying out this maintenance in-house:

Storage Space

Buying air filters in bulk may offer a cost-saving, but it is essential to store them correctly to ensure they are effective when installed. If space is at a premium, finding a suitable clean and dry storage space for your filters may not be possible.

Additionally, fire insurance restrictions may prevent the onsite storage of your air filters, thus creating the need for an alternative solution.


We recommend at least a monthly check of your air filters. Depending on usage, they may not need changing or cleaning every time, but this will help ensure your air filters are always working optimally. Performing these regular checks requires time, with the amount of input needed depending on your facility’s size. For large-scale buildings, a full inspection of all of the air filters can be a lengthy process.

Furthermore, performing maintenance on your air filtration system, whether it’s a change or a clean required, can result in downtime for your business as operations need to be paused.

Industry Safety and Regulations

In most environments requiring air filtration, health and safety is a priority. Whether it’s meeting the HTM-03 standards in a healthcare setting or the BRC standards in the food production industry, having the expertise to ensure your air filters are compliant with industry regulations is a necessity. 


A Mobile Solution

If one or more of the above challenges is creating difficulties for your filter maintenance, a mobile filter management and hygiene service could be the ideal solution.

Mobile Filter Management Units

Following an agreed inspection schedule, new air filters can be brought to a suitable area of your site, as required, and swapped with the used product. With clear and well-informed organisation, Filtrex has found that by providing its clients with this mobile filter management unit, business operations are minimally disrupted.

Onsite Hygiene Units

Specialist mobile filter services can provide onsite cleaning, treatment and repair of your washable filter air distribution sleeves. This complete mobile filter maintenance service will ensure damage caused by dust, mould, bacteria or debris build-up is avoided, and your filters continue to keep your indoor air environment safe and hygienic.

Filtrex’s fully trained engineers can deliver this service to clients out-of-hours to minimise business downtime. Following quality control processes and industry-recognised safety measures, we provide you with the reassurance that your air filters are audit-ready and are taking care of the health and wellbeing of your staff and guests.

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