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Should you Filter your Air Conditioners?

While many of us simply think of air conditioning as a means to provide cold air and comfort to our indoor environments, it also offers something much more important – filtering dust, airborne viruses, pollen and a range of other pollutants and allergens from our indoor environments.

Many air conditioners are not built for the type of air filtration that eradicates anything other than hot, humid air. They may have an ‘off the shelf’ dust filter as standard, but we know their effect can be minimal when it comes to fine particulate matter; such filters are aimed mainly at preventing dust ingress into the unit itself and require constant cleaning and replacing.

So, should you pay more attention to the filters in your air conditioners to ensure they are doing the job you expect?

Making air safer as well as comfortable

Cool air is valuable for comfort, especially during the warmer months, but cool and safe air is even more so. And that makes filtering and maintaining your air conditioning system incredibly important.

Allergy control and pathogen removal are vital benefits of filtered air conditioning, but it doesn’t end there. There are other health benefits of cleaner, dehumidified air as well as the (potentially) transformative effects of a consistent, cool temperature for those in the workplace or those with certain health conditions. 

For those living and working in cities, where air pollution can be at its worst, air filtration can also help avoid indoor exposure to pollutants and unpleasant odours.

Are all air filters the same?

Not at all; there is a range of air filters available. Choosing the right solution can make a massive difference to the lifespan of your system, as well as the quality of the air provided. 

Filters are graded using the HVAC classification system, in-line with ISO 16890. This standard grades filters on their ability to effectively capture particles of different sizes in the air.

However, there is also a wide range of air conditioning units out there, from compact, ultra-efficient units to more elaborate systems serving much larger indoor spaces, as well as the unique needs of some industries, such as food production and healthcare.

Professional advice to ensure your filter is appropriate for your air conditioning unit and needs is essential, as well as ongoing maintenance, surveying, testing and reporting of your equipment to ensure compliance. All air conditioning units should filter air safely and effectively. If you would like help and advice to ensure your air conditioning does that, please get in touch today.

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