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The Unexpected Driving Force behind UK Manufacturing

Few industries are as broad and diverse as manufacturing, and today the UK remains one of the most prolific manufacturers in the world.

Simply put, as a nation, we make things, and we make them well. That includes everything from food & drink, pharmaceuticals and ships, to aerospace, chemicals and textiles.

Individually, these industries might seem to share little in common. However, there is one aspect that none of them can afford to overlook, that of air quality. This piece looks a little closer at why air filtration is a vital component for every branch of the manufacturing industry.

Safeguarding a workforce

In manufacturing environments, fine particulate matter and increased toxicity levels can pose a threat to employee health, making air extraction systems essential.
Ideally, these systems will incorporate high-performance HEPA filters or local exhaust ventilation (LEV). However, that is only a part of the solution.
Robust monitoring and reporting processes, along with specialist deep cleaning systems, both go a lot further towards helping manufacturing sites achieve compliance and create a safe and secure working environment for their teams; a fact brought into stark focus in recent times due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Reducing environmental impact

Increased particulate emissions and toxicity doesn’t just pose a threat to the workforce; their effects can often be felt across the wider environment.
This fact makes energy-efficient filtration and the resulting lower carbon emissions something every manufacturing company should strive for as part of a sustainable and forward-thinking brand that creates ecologically sound products and components.

Maximising efficiency

In an industry as diverse as manufacturing, a site-specific service is paramount to satisfy the bespoke requirements of the operating environments and specific industry regulations. From design and supply to installation and maintenance, an air filtration system must solve the challenges faced by each manufacturer’s unique circumstances at every stage.
An effective air filtration system will have a considerable impact on efficiency by minimising operational downtime caused by built-up dust and contaminants and increasing the service life of the systems on which the manufacturer relies.
As an air filtration specialist of over 27 years, Filtrex can assist manufacturing companies with risk assessments, help and advise on the best filtration options to meet current best practice guidelines and the protocols for maintenance and compliance within your manufacturing sector.
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